About us

Jobdrives is not just a company or a job website like others, Jobdrives is a Mission to provide the jobs to all needy candidates. Our journey begins with the small Instagram page when I myself was searching for a job and that’s when I realized, it is not easy to get genuine jobs and stay away from fake ones.

If there are 100 jobs available in the market 60 – 70% are fake or outdated jobs and for the rest of them there is huge competition.

We are on a mission to solve this problem and help all the candidates to get their dream job.

To complete this mission, please collaborate with us, we need the help of candidates, HRs, and Companies to take part in this mission and help us to create one platform for genuine job updates.

If you are a company or HR managerĀ  – Please reach out to [email protected] to post your jobs.