[Best] 5 Free Sources to improve your Aptitude

Aptitude is the first thing that will help you to get a job. As you know a lot of companies conduct a written test which comprises of Aptitude, Reasoning and other technical domain questions (Depends on a company to company).

5 Free Sources to improve your Aptitude

So, it is very important to have a command of these things.
Before you start preparing for aptitude you must have an idea that why do companies take this aptitude test, what is the purpose behind it.

Purpose of taking an Aptitude test

 First of all, there are so many types of things that comes under Aptitude test and these are:
1. Numerical Aptitude
2. Logical Reasoning
3. Verbal Ability
4. Inductive Reasoning
5. Diagrammatic Reasoning
You must be familiar with these topics and companies usually take this test to identifies the correct skills of the employees.
So, what type of skills can be judged through this test-

1. Problem Solving Skills
2. Decision Making
3. Ability to choose from various solutions and pick up the best one.
4. Language Skills
5. Broad thinking, observing and ability to come to a conclusion
Also, the aptitude test helps the recruiter to shortlist the talented candidates for further rounds, and it is quite helpful in selecting the right person for the organization.
I hope you get the idea about the purpose and how important the Aptitude is, so, now how we can learn these skills for free?
Well here is the answer- we have selected 5 best free sources to learn aptitude.

5 Best Free Sources to improve your Aptitude

There are many types of sources through which you can learn or improve your Aptitude, these include some traditional methods like learning from books and the modern approach of learning, i.e. the online platforms.
So, right now we are only discussing about the free sources that’s why I haven’t mentioned about the coaching classes (If you find a good coaching class then it is the best source to learn as per my opinion)
Now, the free online sources are-
5. Learn from PDF books at your home
My thoughts
It doesn’t matter from where you are learning as long as they are teaching you the right concepts. But in the end, practice is the only way to improve your Aptitude.

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